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Peter Chulu, Managing Director

Peter was born in Africa (Malawi), raised in the UK where he received his university degree and made his first business steps. His modern approach to business led him to Serbia where Peter immediately felt at home. Friendly, welcoming people, delicious food, scenic views, vivid streets of Belgrade, Peter fell in love with the beautiful city and soon after, he got married and started a family here. He has been living in Belgrade for 5 years now and has gotten to know Serbia like a local.

With his wife, Iva, Peter founded ChuluCation to help people who are traveling to Serbia have the best possible experience. His goal is to connect people from all over the world, and especially strengthen the bond between the UK and Serbia. Whether you are visiting Belgrade for business or pleasure, Peter and his team will fulfill your every travel need. Being a UK citizen who lives in Serbia, Peter’s unique approach is based on a double perspective. He easily understands all your needs because, just like you, he was once a guest in Serbia, but at the same time, he can offer genuine experiences with local insights.

By paying special attention to every little detail, Peter’s mission is to provide you with everything you might need during your stay in Serbia. With a blend of people skills and good communication, Peter has perfected his approach to the way he deals with clients, never settling for anything less than 100%. Rest assured that Peter will to be a trustworthy host and a reliable travel companion.

Ivana Chulu, Executive Director

With an enthusiastic, friendly approach and willingness to help, not only can Ivana meet travelers’ needs, but she can exceed them as well. As a former receptionist at a 5-star hotel, Ivana knows, from experience, what guests need and how to make that available to them. From places to visit, top recommendations for posh or casual restaurants where you can eat or do business, to making sure the accommodation is perfect for you, Ivana’s got you covered.

Ivana believes Serbia is a hidden gem that’s yet to be explored by people from around the world and a great starting point for exploring Southeast Europe. With her by your side, you can be sure that you have the best advisor. That is why taking care of people and making sure that they have an outstanding experience while visiting Serbia has become so much more than just a job for her: it is actually a lifestyle she adores. Ivana knows very well that one approach doesn’t fit all, so she is ready to listen to everyone’s travel needs and do her best to accommodate them. Understanding and doing the ‘impossible’ for the clients, that is her work ethics.

With Ivana`s people skills, welcoming personality and ability to speak several languages, rest assured that nothing will be lost in translation.

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